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I am Ifeanyichukwu Chijioke Diru. Aka ji mba of Oregon. Nnukwu Mmiri Ozuzo. I was born on February 5th, 1977. I am the third child of General (Biafran Army) Dr. Mbanugo Diru and Rev. Dr Obiageli Diru (nee Madubueze). I am an Igbo American indigenous to Awkuzu in Oyi Local Government of Anambra State, Nigeria. Yes, Nigeria. The British Lord Lugard and his then British girlfriend, Flora Shaw deemed fit the name Nigeria was given to us to reflect "The N#$$%$ Area," or "Negro Area." However, we were a populous geographical area of different tribes. During the abominable era of slave trade, Nigeria supplied more slaves to the world than any other country. Nigeria was known by the slave traders to be a land where its people had physical features that were built for extreme hard work. People from Nigeria were called Black gold and only the wealthiest of plantation owners could afford "Black gold" from The N#$$%$ Area. On the 25th of July, 2010 I immigrated to America by means of a Green card sponsored by my elder sister, Mrs. Ifeoma O. Ajemba. On the 27th of July, 2010, I visited a Maryland U.S Army recruiting station and was recruited by Staff Sergeant Rivera to join the U.S Army as an Infantryman.  Today, I am a Father, Partner, Farmer, Honorable Veteran of the U.S Army,  Freemason, American Legionnaire, and member of NAACP.