The Oregon Socio-Economic Initiative (TOSEIN)!

TOSEIN is a Public-Private socio-economic growth policy that will make Oregon a global 1st class socio-economic state by December 2030. The driving industries for this economic growth will be agriculture, art and culture, criminal justice, democracy, education, entertainment, entrepreneurship, end of life, family, green and clean fossil energy, manufacturing, metaverse, healthcare, physical and social infrastructure, public housing, public safety, retirement, and taxation.


Scale production and reduce regulation.

  • Partner with our farmers to scale production and reduce regulation.

  • Introduce a 0% state tax for the agricultural industry.

  • Partner with Oregon universities to improve Research and Development in modern agriculture production.

  • Introduce a monthly $250 Farmers market food stamp to Oregon families on public assistance. This fund will be used at Oregon Farmers market to provide Oregonians with healthy farm produce and at the same time boost agricultural produce in Oregon.  

  • Develop rural Oregon as a modern integrated agricultural city with modern agricultural infrastructure.

  • Partner with the private sector to establish the Oregon Agriculture Bank. The sole objective of the bank will be to provide long term and low-cost loans to farmers.

  • Invest in agricultural tourism.

Art and Culture

Celebrate Oregon through Art and Culture.

Our government will partner with historians, artists, and architects to incorporate Oregon's culture in our way of life and express such culture in our social and physical infrastructure.

Criminal Justice

Non-violent offenders program.

  • Modernize State prisons to meets the needs of a modern society and improve the lives of residents so that they can get help to overcome their demons, make restitution to their victims, and tax payers. 

Issue a two-week Governor Pardon Program.

  • This pardon program will give all criminals in Oregon an opportunity to turn in all weapons in their possession to the nearest police station or turn themselves in for any offences committed.

  • Enlist in a five year Governor retrain-work-housing program in which they will provide labor for State jobs.

  • Make restitution to their victims.

  • At the end of the five year period recipients will receive a full pardon from the Governor.


Every voice must be heard.

In Oregon, Republicans and Independents know how minorities in America feel. They rebel against authority because they have no voice. They want to leave Oregon because they do not feel wanted. As a minority and one who wants to build a new society in Oregon, I will have a government of unity made up of Democrats, Republicans, and Independents. Our government will represent all Oregonians and be managed by an excellent economic team.


Education is wealth.

  • Abolish The KATE-TINA Dumb Down law (Oregon Senate Bill 744), signed into law in July 2021, which allows Oregon students to graduate from high school without having to prove they can read, write, or do math.

  • Introduce K-15. Kindergarten will be a two-year program and begin at age three. Incorporate an Associate degree into K-15.

  • Support Religious organizations to operate their educational institutions according to their beliefs.

  • Reduce classroom sizes to ten for grades K-9 plus a teacher, and a teacher's assistant.

  • Introduce the SMART (Sensory, Motion, Auditory, Receptive, Therapy) academy in K-15. This program will meet the needs of kids with learning disabilities in a safe and quality environment. The SMART program will have five students per class plus a teacher, and a teacher's assistant.

  • Introduce optional summer school for grades 3-15.

  • Introduce school vouchers.

  • Build more Charter schools.

  • Increase Oregon's teachers' entry level pay to $100,000 with a minimum of a bachelor's degree.

  • Build more science and technology Charter schools.

  • Introduce modern elementary, middle, and secondary schools.

  • Introduce a minimum standard of education in Oregon irrespective of zip code.

  • Introduce grades 9-15 with an Associate and Vocational training degrees as the graduation certificate.

  • Support grade 15 students in the development, production, assembly of electric vehicles.

  • Introduce educational tourism. This will increase Oregon's earnings through the sale of Oregon academic excellence. 

  • Encourage our universities in the areas of Research and Development.


Entertainment is an escape from the real world.

We will partner with the Private sector to make Oregon the Number 1 destination for all forms of entertainment. Last year over half a billion-dollar worth of marijuana was destroyed in Oregon. Our government we will be open to privatizing gambling, betting, alcohol and, recreational drugs in Oregon.


Entrepreneurship is wealth creation.

  • 0% State Corporate tax. Oregon's revenue will be 100% sourced from Personal Income Tax and Joint Venture Partners. Oregon will wean itself from budgeting off Federal allocations. 

  • Rather than taxation the State will form partnership with entrepreneurs for wealth creation.

  • The State will seek infrastructure development, agriculture, and education export markets for Oregon businesses. 

End of Life

Export our dignified medical service.

Partner with the Private sector to export our End-of-life care service.


The Foundation of society. No family in Oregon will have profit be placed before quality of life.

  • Invest in home childcare.

  • Reduce the cost of living by reducing the cost of food prices. We will encourage Oregon farmers to produce more food, give Oregonians an opportunity to own rather than rent homes, and reduce the cost of utilities.

  • Make family support services more open to Oregonians.

  • Provide affordable housing by building public houses that will only require three years good rent history and 3x mortgage income as purchase qualification.

  • Build generational homes for Oregon families where aging families can live and receive care at home.

  • Provide free public comprehensive preventive, mental, physical, dental, eye, and ear healthcare to Oregonians. 

  • Increase the minimum wage for State workers with a minimum of an Associate degree to $25/hour.

  • Introduce Kindergarten at age three.

  • Introduce K-15 school program.

  • Partner with the Private sector to build/assembly affordable electric vehicles with a five year warranty to reduce cost of car ownership.

Green and clean fossil energy.

Affordable and Modern energy.

  • The backbone of our energy policy will be realistic, modern, clean, and affordable energy that will reduce the cost of living for Oregonians and sustain the climate.

  • We will support clean natural gas, solar, wind, and electric energy. 

  • Modernize and weatherize utility infrastructure.

  • Support solar roofing initiatives.

  • Support the production/assembly of electric vehicles.


Sustain the American standard.

  • Create industrial cities on non-arable land.

  • Provide modern infrastructure that support manufacturing such as: quality education, affordable housing and healthcare, integrated transportation, 0% State corporate tax. 

  • Encourage families to own cottage industries.


Seize the future.

Integrating Oregon's public service with Metaverse will improve quality of life for Oregonians with disabilities, improve education, make State services easier to access, provide personal identification, grow business, enhance creativity and imagination, give public workers better opportunities to work from home, and travel the world through Oregon.


Health is wealth.

  • We are going to move away from Covid-19 because we believe it's no longer a socially critical illness.

  • Oregonians who feel comfortable wearing masks will be encouraged to do so. Those who do not feel a need to wear masks will have their wishes respected.

  • Oregonians who are not vaccinated and get infected with Covid or other illnesses will pay the full cost of their treatment through State garnishment. 

  • Full vaccination will be required for physical public education or access to housing.

  • Vaccination certificates will be required to gain access to public benefits or employment.

  • Invest in medical research.

  • Export our medical services.

  • Invest in medical tourism.

  • We will build a healthcare infrastructure that will consist of emergency hospitals, community hospitals, community nursing homes, etc. that will free provide community healthcare services. 

  • All healthcare facilities, public buildings and services, and public transit services will maintain the highest standards of sanitization. 

Physical and social infrastructure

Living with the environment.

We will incorporate art and community culture in our planning of State parks, physical, and social infrastructure. The goal of our plan is to add physical and social value to communities.

Public Housing Type A

Building American communities.

Oregonians are facing an out of reach housing crises. The cost of rent has become a burden on families. Profit has been placed before quality of life. TOSEIN will work with public agencies to build affordable studio apartments and rent it to low-income and unemployed Oregonians at $650 per month. Homeless Oregonians will receive free housing through a rehabilitation program.

Public Housing Type B

Build generational wealth.

TOSEIN will partner with public agencies to build affordable three-bedroom town houses for low-income Oregonians at a monthly mortage of $1250.00. Under this project, we will eliminate the burden of the prevailing home purchasing practice and introduce a three-year good rental history and 3x household income as the only stipulation for home ownership.

Public Housing Type C

For a Better Future

TOSEIN will partner with public agencies to build affordable five-bedroom town homes at a monthly mortage of $2000.00 for low-income Oregonians. Under this project, we will eliminate the burden of the prevailing home purchasing practice and introduce a three-year good rental history and 3x household income as the only stipulation for home ownership.

Public Safety

All the freedoms we enjoy — freedom of speech, freedom of worship, freedom from fear, freedom to prosper — sit on a foundation of public safety.

  • Increase entry level pay to $75,000 or $55/hour for volunteer members.

  • Introduce a Police-Public relations education service.

  • Train and equip 100 mental health advocates in each county as First responders.

  • Raise entry level qualification to an Associate degree.

  • Build regional training stations.

  • Raise the numbers of Troopers to five thousand within three years.

  • Encourage street residents to join the volunteer neighborhood patrol.

  • Partner with counties to install streetlights to increase visibility during the dark. A lot of crimes are committed in the dark.

  • Encourage Oregonians who have attained the age of eighteen to serve in the Oregon Peoples' Guard or the Oregon National Guard.

  • We will establish The Oregon Peoples' Guard. The mission of the Oregon Peoples' Guard will be to provide mission ready First responder (State law enforcement officers, paramedics, EMT's, firefighters, and the Oregon volunteer neighborhood patrol) to assist state and local authorities in the management of public safety in each neighborhood.

Revenue and Expenditure

Grow public wealth.

The wealth of a people is measured by the quality of life of its poorest. For the first years we will borrow funds to implement TOSEIN because our expenditure will consume our revenue. However, after seven years of TOSEIN implementation, Oregon will be positioned as one of the biggest global economies with a recurring budget surplus. Our goal is to grow Oregon's economy to $10 trillion by December 2030.

Senior Life

Build generational relationships

  • Increase the retirement age to 65.

  • Support families to own Oregon Type C houses which will have an extra master bedroom to support senior citizen's care.

  • Build public retirement communities.

  • Introduce a senior citizen adoption service.

  • Place senior citizens on a fixed monthly income.


Showcase Oregon globally.

Through TOSEIN, Tourism will be Oregon's major income earner. Through tourism Oregon will gain economic, opportunistic, infrastructural, environmental, cross-cultural, and promotional benefits. Our target tourism industries will be:

  • Agriculture.

  • Education.

  • Gambling.

  • Green energy.

  • Metaverse. 

  • Marijuana and other recreational drugs.

  • Medicine and technology.

  • Nature.

  • Research and development.

  • Space.